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Larrie Dee is without a doubt one of the most outstanding sequencers around. His MIDIs are "detectable" by their excellent arrangements, exciting instrumentation and are technically unmatched. I've known Larrie for over a year now and our friendship has grown. I'm very proud to call him a really good friend. And even more I'm proud of the many MIDIs he's dedicated to me ,-) Below you'll find a link to learn more about this...

Now on to the real stuff - what can you expect here? Well, as there´s Larrie´s own Homepage where you can find ALL of Larrie´s MIDIs, I've decided to put just my favorites here and give you an overview with some comments. But before we can start, it´s neccessary to do some little ´paper work´ ,-):

Copyright Notice

All of Larrie Dee's MIDI files and the individual arrangements contained therein, are copyrighted by Larrie Dee. These files may be used for your personal listening pleasure only. Any other use of these files and/or arrangements, including commercial purposes, public performance, or broadcast via any media, requires written permission from Larrie Dee. If you need such permission, please send Larrie an email message at larry@larriedee.com List the names of the files you want to use and how you want to use those files, asking him for his permission.
!!! If you use Larrie Dee's MIDI files or song arrangements without his written permission (for any purpose other than personal listening pleasure), you are in direct violation of U.S. Copyright laws and International Treaties, which means you could be subject to legal action and fines! So, please just get his written permission first, OK?

How to...

Wherever you see this little speakerjust click on it, and it will play another one of Larrie´s amazing MIDIs. Yep, you can test it with the little speaker shown above - it simply restarts the currently playing background sound, Larrie´s great arrangement of Al Hirt´s "Sugar Lips". If this doesn´t work or if you don´t hear any sound at all, this could be due to: 1) You have no plug-in installed for playback of MIDIs - click on the Crescendo icon in the frame above to download and install one. 2) Your Browser doesn´t support JavaScript OR you have JavaScript disabled - so enable JavaScript or update to a Browser which supports JavaScript. Sorry for any inconvenience, but without JavaScript and Frames it´s awkward to setup a site like this...

To download a MIDI, right-click in the little speaker or in the player in the frame above and choose "Save as" from the menu. If there are several player windows floating around, close all player windows, right-click in the player and disable "Options - Allow Auto-Detach"!

Technical Notes!

!!! All of Larrie's MIDI files were recorded and mixed in his studio, which has multiple individual MIDI ports, to multiple pieces of top-of-the-line MIDI gear (ie. Korg workstation for some instruments, Roland for drums, etc.). So, the mix may not sound quite right on a typical General MIDI (GM) compatible soundcard or low-end MIDI module, but the files will play. For example, in some files you may hear a normal drum set being played when in fact it should be a brush drum set. Or, one of the instruments may sound too loud compared to the others. GM has many limitations that make some files sound quite different than the creator intended. So, just keep this in mind when listening to Larrie's MIDI files on your MIDI gear.

About Larrie and his MIDIs...

Larrie Dee, living in Escondido, CA, is a professional musician by trade and true music lover! And he has been for quite a few years - or better: decades ,-) He plays a countless number of musical instruments and has mastered many various musical genres, as his MIDI files demonstrate. A good example is Larrie´s arrangement of "I Exalt Thee"where he plays an amazing jazz Organ. His cool latin-style interpretation of "He That Dwelleth"and "Toora Loora Loo", a wonderul old Irish lullaby.

He´s had his own band, "The Larrie Dee Jazz Quintet", for which he wrote such clever arrangements as this jazzy "Battle Hymn Of The Republic"or "Just A Closer Walk With Thee", a unique arrangement of this old standard executed here in the swing style of the 40/50's. Finally, one of my favorites that I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I do; an upbeat jazz style arrangement of the Christmas carol "Let It Snow"!

Larrie continues to perform live, as well as operate "The Lari/Tan Recording Studios". His primary focus at the Lari/Tan Recording Studios is creating custom "backtrax" (or backing tracks), for Christian singers and churches, in any key or music style. A "backtrax" is music on tape or CD, without the melody, that a singer performs to - just as if it were being played by a band or orchestra right there in the church. If you are interested in having a custom backing track created, Larrie is the guy to talk with! His audio and MIDI equipment is all top-of-the-line and will provide you with an audio tape or CD master that sounds like the band is right there with you. Whether it's a symphony orchestra, a Jazz Quintet, a Dixieland Jazz Band, or just about any other type of backing music style you require.

More great stuff...

Apart to performing live on stage, creating custom backtrax and repairing the roof [insider joke :-)], Larrie always finds time to create more wonderful MIDIs for his fans, ME and the MIDI community on a.b.s.m. Some of them he even sequenced especially for folks who had made requests in a.b.s.m! In the following I'll point you to some of my favorites which Larrie has finished in the last couple of months.

One of my "all time favorites ever" is "Peace In The Valley"; a cool blues originally performed by Red Foley. Larrie plays it in a wonderful combination of Organ and Brass - don´t miss it! OK, here´s an encore: "Singing the Blues", where Larrie plays an amazing Blues Guitar accompanied by a smooth Rock Organ! And finally - this will blow your ears away ;) - a great Boogie Larrie composed especially for me! "Bomi´s Boogie (Riding the Rhine)" - don´t miss it, amazing Piano Boogie in Larrie´s unique swing style!

Now listen to this outstanding version of Horst Jankowski´s "A Walk In The Black Forest"- another one of my all time favorites - and one of those which Larrie did especially for me [proud, proud] ,-) Click here to listen to some more MIDIs Larrie did for me... And if you enjoyed "A Walk In The Black Forest" I´m pretty sure you´ll like this one, too: "Maria Elena", an old Jimmy Dorsey hit!

Dixie! Another style of music I enjoy very much and which Larrie governs excellent! Let´s start with "Do Lord"in an amazing Dixie style, followed by a little medley of "When The Saints" & "Count Your Blessings"and finish with this one, "Java"by Al Hirt - not a real Dixie, but... great!

Now to a funny one, an interesting arrangement of the "Little Drummer Boy"done in a happy Mexican Fiesta style. Do you see, like me, the barely dressed "Seniorita" stalking in the hot sun over the village place? ,-) OK, liked this one? Here´s another great one in this ´Tijuana´ style - "Joy to the World", originally a classical piece by Handel.

OK, it´ll be a little bit strange to listen to Christmas songs while the birds are singing, the flowers are smelling like honey and the trees are green, but you shouldn´t miss this one - an amazing disco style version of "Angels We´ve Heard"! It is also used as background sound at our XMas Special - just in case it´s winter and you feel like listening to more of this Christmas stuff ,-) After you´re back, click here to finally listen to Larries arrangement of "Jingle Bells"in a typically Bavarian (Bierzelt, Oktoberfest) style - and yes, this is another one Larrie did especially for me ,-) Can´t stop listening to xmas songs in the summer? So here´s a last one - "O Holy Night", a really great swing style version with amazing Vibes and Brass!

Do you like bluegrass and country style music? Try this one! A little medley of "Rock Of Ages" & "Amazing Grace", ideal to rinse down the dust of the last ride, isn´t it? And while we are in the mood lets catch this one too - "Calamity Jane - Secret Love"- and finish with this one: "Oh! Lonesome Me!"...

OK, I´ll close my humble Larrie Dee Special at this point with some Irish stuff ("Toora Loora Loo", you´ve already listened...). There are plenty more great MIDIs from Larrie I could have put on this page (approximately 70 or so...), but I fear I'll run out of web space then ,-) If you like Larries music, visit Larrie´s own Homepage, he has all the MIDIs there and offers a download in ZIPs there! Just in case you can´t be stopped and must have ALL, All, all now ,-)

The Irish MIDIs Larrie did are dedicated to the memory of Kenneth L. Rydeen 1920 - 1998 by his wife Lorraine and his loving children Gary, Tana, Tari, Sara, Jani, and Kari Rydeen of Stillwater, Minnesota. Ken really loved Irish music, being an Irish tenor himself and singing in church. He was also a very kind and gentle person and will be missed greatly by the family. Enjoy with me this great orchestral versions of "I´ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen", "Four Leaf Clover"and this Medley of "Mother MacChree" & "My Wild Irish Rose"...

And please...

!!! Larrie can be contacted via e-mail at larry@larriedee.com. I´m sure he would love to hear how you enjoy his MIDI files, so why not drop him a note when you get a chance? I hope you all enjoy Larrie's MIDI files as much as i do!

Pssssttt, you! Hey! Yes, you there! Have you also heard the rumors about there´s no picture of Larrie and his wife Tanya available? I, yes I have a picture! Wanna have a secret look? Click here! But don´t tell anybody! It´s our little secret now, OK? ,-)

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